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Employees who learn

  are the ones that stay

Read more about the importance of continuous talent development at scale-ups.

Operating Values

Data for the right decisions

We generate data, create meaningful insights, and measure impact and return on investment.

Success through Continuous Learning

Continuous skill development has proven to be the most effective, engaging and efficient way to develop people, ultimately resulting in a high performing business.

Talent Development as an integrated part of the business

Talent Innovation Center connects talent development efforts with business performance and success. We create a long-lasting learning culture that exists in each team, department and process to be truly effective.

Talent Innovation Center is your strategic partner for ​continuous talent development​, offering a wide range of services from strategy and implementation. We generate ​innovative data insight reports that take the ​goals and KPI’s​ of a business into account, and we strategize and implement programs and technology​ based on Return on Investment.​

We specialise in scale-ups in the tech space, and our goal is to support and facilitate ​sustainable & long term growth ​through the development of people​.

Talent Scan

We help you to determine what skills and competencies are needed for your teams to be successful, now and in the future. With this blueprint, we conduct a thorough data analysis and full talent assessment to see the strengths and actionable development opportunities for your employees.

Talent Scan - TIC copy.jpg
Continuous Talent Development Strategy -

Continuous Talent

Development Strategy

We believe that skill development should happen continuously and needs to be integrated in someone’s work and daily processes. A combination of insight in own performance, blended learning with a focus on on-the-job learning and a clear coaching strategy has proven to be by far the most effective, engaging and efficient way to develop. With you, we build the best strategy to provide long lasting value.

Talent Scan
Continuous Talent Development Strategy

Tools & Systems Implementation

Technology can support Talent Development and Learning, but only if chosen and implemented correctly. With our knowledge of- and experience with all the different tools and systems available, we help to find the right technology to support a business’ specific talent development programs and we fully guide a successful implementation.

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Tools & Systems Implementation


Talent Scan for a Tech Scale-up

We are currently working on a skill analysis at an exiting disruptive scale-up in the tech space. The objective is to generate actionable insights for people development in order to support an important business transformation.

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