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The Talent Innovation Center was founded in 2020 on the belief that Talent Development could, and should be modernized in order to truly provide value to the business and its people: The use of data insights and measurement, innovative methods of learning and modern technology & process automation.

It’s founder, Daan Luitse, has a successful career in Learning and Talent Development at high-profile international tech-scaleups. After building Talent Strategies and Department from scratch and leading Talent Development departments at Apple, Tesla and Uber, Daan has worked as an independent strategy consultant, helping scale-ups to unleash the full potential of its people.

Our Key Strengths & Experience

  • Achieving Results

We set clear goals and we strategize to achieve them. Our agile approach and flexibility allows us to change our strategy  when needed and with our hands on mindset we achieve results

  • Scaling & Growth

Everything we do needs to be relevant now, but also in the future. Our extensive experience with fast growing businesses helps us to build scalable and future proof programs.

  • Technical Knowledge & Innovation

We are data driven, tech savvy and always up to date about the latest and best technology. We are on the forefront of innovative talent development that drives performance.

  • Cross Functional Collaboration

By connecting people strategies with business performance, we create valuable collaboration between HR and Operational work streams. Our integrated talent development programs ensure a collective ownership of skill building and people development.

About: Services

Previous clients & employers include:

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